Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline

There is a serious problem with the trampoline market today. If you find yourself in the same dilemma, this review was done for you.

So here' the problem. You want an excellent, safe, sturdy trampoline but they cost a mini-fortune. So then you check the cheaper trampolines, and you find nothing but potential death traps.

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder All-in-One Combo Set On White Surface

If people are complaining of the metal bending and deforming, do not buy this trampoline. If people are saying that the structural foundation of a trampoline is in jeopardy, then do not buy that certain trampoline.

If you want to buy a trampoline you can feel safe leaving the kids with, don’t get suckered into spending thousands of dollars. It’s more than you need.

Fortunately, there is the Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline. It's reliable and affordable.

Product Description

The Exacme comes in one of 6 different options:

  • 16 Foot - The 16 foot Exacme come with 108 7 inch springs. The mat size is 167 inches, and it comes with 6 W-Legs. It includes a ladder and has a weight limit of 398 pounds. It's pretty massive and the most expensive on the list coming it at somewhere around 500 dollars.
  • 15 Foot - The 15 foot Exacme comes with 108 7 inch springs as well. The mat size is 159 inches, and it comes with 6 W-Legs. It also comes with a ladder and a weight limit of 398 pounds. It is considerably cheaper, marking the 15-foot trampoline closer to the four hundred dollar mark.
  • 14 Foot - the 14 foot Exacme come with 96 7 inch springs. The mat size is 148 inches, and it comes with 6 W-Legs. It also comes with a ladder and supports a maximum weight of 398 pounds. It is only a few dollars cheaper than the 15-foot model.
  • 12 Foot - The 12 foot Acme is the final tough trampoline design. The mat size is 126 inches. It comes with 72 7 inch springs and 6 W-Legs. It still has a ladder and supports a maximum weight of 398 pounds. It's only a few dollars cheaper than the 12-foot model.
  • 10 Foot - The 10-foot model is much smaller. It has a mat size of 108 inches. It has 64 springs and only has 4 W-Legs. It does not come with a ladder and only supports up to 335 pounds. The 10 foot is a great bargain and is closer to 200 dollars instead of the regular 300 dollars.
  • 8 Foot - The smallest model is a few dollars cheaper than the 10 foot. It has a mat size of 84 inches. There are only 48 springs, and it is supported by 3 W-Legs. It has a maximum weight of 225 pounds.

All the models come with TUV certification, GST testing, and UV testing approved. It's said to say this trampoline is very safe on paper.

It includes a safety pad to go over the springs and a longer pole for an enclosure net. The frame is also rust resistant, so you can be sure it will stay fine outdoors.

Product Review

Starting with assembly, the trampoline was easy to put together. The instructions aren't super clear, but you don't need them. Well, the pictures aren't very helpful, the written instructions make things clear.

All the tools you will need are included, but a rubber mallet and a better screwdriver may come in handy. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to set up. There are some loose sharp metal pieces, so if you have a pair of work gloves, I recommend putting them on so you won't cut yourself like I did. I would also say not to tighten all the screw in all the way until the very end, or you will find it difficult to piece everything together.

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder All-in-One Combo Set Safety

The springs, bad, and frame are tight. Unlike some other trampolines out there, the Exacme lives up to its weight limits. It can support one to two larger people quickly. The original mat has held up great after months of usage as well. It does not lose elasticity, and there are no rips and tears.

The net is one problem, though. It's not as tough as I would like, but it is good enough. The one real issue is the door. The zipper is difficult to close, and it makes children unwilling to fully close the trampoline. The net is still feasible without the door closed as it will still stand straight and save your kid from falling, but there will be a small hole without the door.

I would supervise to ensure that the door is closed at all times.

Buying Advice

Most trampolines with this many springs and strong frame quality will cost you at least a thousand dollars. On Amazon, you will find this trampoline for a fraction of the cost.

This same trampoline will cost you way more at a retail store and is found for a few dollars more on other websites.

You don't need to buy a size up like you do with most cheaper trampolines. The models are true to their weight capacity. I will buy the largest one possible if you plan on letting more than two people at a time.

If you are using your trampoline for just one person, you can afford to buy the smaller version.


The Exacme is a fantastic bargain. You won’t find such a great quality trampoline for this price anywhere else.

You want a trampoline that is heavy duty. If there aren’t more than enough springs holding down the jumping mat and a reinforced heavy duty frame, you are putting people’s lives in danger.

Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder All-in-One Combo Set With Ball

Our Rating:

Fortunately, this trampoline is very safe. It has all the right certifications, so you can rest assured.

Just make sure you buy the right size trampoline. You don't need a 16-foot model for just one child, and the 10-foot model is not big enough for a large family.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Amazon and pick up a trampoline today!

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