Personal Trampoline Vs. Park Trampoline – The Ultimate Match

Personal Trampoline Vs. Park Trampoline – The Ultimate Match

If you've been considering trampoline workouts, either for yourself or your family, you've probably been wondering one thing—should you purchase your own or should you visit a specialized park? For people who are serious about getting their dose of fitness and fun, this is an important question. There are some pros and cons to consider for each.


How important is convenience for you and how free is your schedule? Although there are some special parks and areas that have trampolines for public usage, they aren't open all hours of the day or all days of the week. You may also have to wait for a turn on the trampoline, which can take a large chunk of your workout time.

Three girls playing on a trampoline.

How often do you plan on using a trampoline? If rarely, you may not need to buy one, but if you plan on using it often, going to a park will not be convenient.

Having a trampoline in your own home also means that you can work out at any time of day and during any weather. If the weather happens to be bad or uncomfortable, you may not want to travel to a park for your workout. And your kids may not want to go either. Having a trampoline at home will give your more flexibility, time, and security.


One great thing about public parks is that they are usually free! If you happen to find a public park with a working trampoline, this means that you can get a free workout! However free also means busy. If a trampoline is free, you won't be the only one flocking to it.

This means lots of foot traffic at the park and less time on the trampoline for you.

Many girls in a circle on a trampoline.

Some private parks specialize in equipment and offer trampolines as one of their services. These parks are usually cleaner, more efficient, and easier to work with. However, they do charge door or membership fees.

A door charge can be a small payment that you pay every visit, and a membership fee is a more expensive monthly or yearly payment.

Owning your own trampoline means that you pay for your product once, and get to continue using it for as long as you like. There are many affordable trampolines out there, especially on Amazon, and those trampolines are more cost effective than a gym/park membership that racks money up with time.


If you want a trampoline for your family or children, consider buying one for your home. Although a family can pay the park a visit, it'll be hard for kids to stay together and enjoy the trampoline all at once since there will be many other children there waiting for their turn.

Family posing on a trampoline.

If you want a trampoline so that your family can work out together, buying one is the best option. Plus, kids having their own trampoline will motivate them to be more physically active!

Final Thoughts

Our personal winner, and the option we best recommend to you, is owning your own trampoline. It's more convenient, cost-effective, and more family friendly.

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