Top 8 Trampoline Tricks You Should Try!

Top 8 Trampoline Tricks You Should Try!

Jumping on a trampoline is an awesomely fun way to exercise. Trampolines are a great source of cardio and help increase oxygen flow all throughout the body. It is possibly one of the most wholesome and convenient activities you can do!

Another thing that's great about using a trampoline is that trampolines are challenging. Using tutorials or DVDs, you can watch detailed and intricate trampoline workouts that are entertaining to follow. You can begin at your own pace and progress upwards by adding weights and doing more.

Boy doing flips on a trampoline.

And perhaps, the coolest trampoline challenge is performing tricks. There's an awesome array of tricks that can be done on a trampoline.

If you love exercise, fitness, and fun, you know how motivating it develops your skills and outperform yourself. If you're someone who loves using a trampoline, you can challenge yourself to try some innovate tricks.

Different Trampoline Tricks

There are different tricks at different levels, and once you master the easier tricks, you'll be able to move on to harder ones! Here are our favorite must-try trampoline tricks in order of difficulty:

Double Bounce

The double bounce is an absolute classic. This is the perfect trick for a beginner. It is the entryway into all of our other trick suggestions! For this trick, all you need is a partner and a trampoline in your backyard that fits two people.

Having two people in this trick will give you double the power. It will allow the both of you to perform much better and jump much higher than usual!

Here is how it's done! You and your partner should stand on the trampoline, at opposite sides, but close to the center. Jump with your partner as a test and a trial. The requirement for the trick to work is that one jumper needs to land half a second earlier before the other.

While doing your practice jumping, try to figure out your jumping timings and coordinate your jumps. Once you get the hang of it, the timing should come easy.

Boys trying to do a double-bounce.

This trick gives you a super awesome extra bounce. That's because when one partner lands earlier, they give more force to the trampoline. The other partner then lands and jumps off that extra force, which sends them way higher into the sky! This would have been something hard to achieve alone.

This is a super simple trick that is lots of fun.

Spin That Body Round And Round!

One of the first things people always try to do when getting ahold of a trampoline is spinning in the air after a big jump. Sure, it sounds easy, but it's actually harder than you'd think to spin a full 360 degrees in the air!

This trick does require some practice, but with practice, it gets easy. Start off with regularly bouncing on the trampoline. Then try to twist your body. At first, you'll probably do a quarter twist. Continue trying, and you'll hit a half twist. After some tries, you should be able to do a full circle twist in the air!

Seat Drop

This trick is pretty much a jump with the lower half of your body. Have you ever watched dancers do death drops and think about how cool it looks, but how painful it must be? This is a way to do something similar, without the pain of course!

All you need to do to complete the seat drop is practice jumping and then releasing your legs to the front of your body once you're in the air. Once you do this, you will land on the trampolines base with your butt, and the bouncy pad will send you right back into the air! It's like doing a butt jump, sort of…

Pike Jump

This trick is cool because even though it's fun to experience, it also works on your flexibility. The pike jump is a jump trick that suspends you higher into the air than a regular jump. This is because you are lifting your limbs and your weight to complete this jump.

Girl doing a pike jump.

Similarly to the seat drop, when doing this jump, you should practice bringing your legs in front of you. Point your toes outwards. Do this a few times to build some energy. Then, when you're ready, try to touch your toes!

Knee Drop

The knee drop is super similar to the seat drop. Instead of bouncing off your butt, this time, you will be bouncing off your knees. All you need to do is bring your calves and feet behind you, rather than in front of you. Bend your knees and land on your knees instead of your feet!

Back Drop

This is another ‘drop' trick that involves landing on a body part that will then bounce you back off the trampoline into another jump. This time, it involves the back. All you have to do is fall backwards so that you land on your back. This will bounce you right back up! You can also try doing this on your front. That makes it a front drop!

Back Flip

This is the one that you've probably been waiting for, and it seems to be everyone's favorite! Admittedly, this is surely a trick for more advanced jumpers, but with some practice, it can be done.

You start off by doing some practice jumps to figure everything out and build some force. Once you get good timing, tuck your legs and tilt your head backward, so that your body can follow and flip backward. It is a little scary to do, but watching some videos can help reassure you! In the end, it's a really fun trick that's worth it.

Back Handspring

This is another popular trick for trampoline jumpers. Swing your arms back and forth for to build some force. Then move your hands behind you, onto the trampoline's base, and do a handstand, bringing your legs up into the air, and then down on the trampoline.

Girl doing a back handspring.

It sounds harder than it is! Before setting out to do the full thing, you can try practicing each part before putting them all together.


To conclude, there are a lot of tricks you can do on a trampoline. Do you know how to do any of the tricks listed above? Is there any other trampoline tricks that you know? Leave a comment below and let us know how you did it!

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